About us

Vision: Become a familiar symbol for consumers on sustainable agriculture.

Mission:  Create quality products for public health.

Core values: Unity is strength, living and working by the integrity, quality is the prerequisite.

Six As One Co.,Ltd was founded by six members, with a vision: become a symbol familiar for consumers on sustainable agriculture. There is a harmony between the interests of consumers, producers, workers and the environment.
We are also consumers, so we know what our customers need:

Products are fresh, safe, good for health.
Good price.
Easy traceability of product.
Beautiful form.
Stable supply.

Understanding that, we apply modern science and technology to operate VietGap standards for the entire fruit farm (the key is green skin pomelo).
All stages of cultivation and care, elements of improving the cultivation environment: organic fertilizers, micro-organism fertilizers, bio-products are widely used … turning the farm into an ecological garden, near with nature.
With a smartphone, product traceability is easily done when scanning QR codes.

Structure of the orchard

  • Green skin pomelo
  • Durian
  • King orange
  • Mangosteen

Potential output

  • Green skin pomelo
  • Durian
  • King orange
  • Mangosteen

Development Orientation

In the future, we will continue to maintain and develop fruit orchards for optimal efficiency. At the same time, we will grow more precious medicinal plants, to provide high value pharmaceuticals for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.